Bionic Eyeballs- Cool Stuff!


According to the May 2010 Issue of Reader’s Digest, page 84, “….(Bionic eyeballs)….are really a symbol of hope for millions of people with retinal disease and age-related macular degeneration, two major causes of blindness. The invention works like this: A tiny camera, attached to a pair of glasses worn by the patient, gathers images much as a real eye would, then transmits them wirelessly to a titanium-encased microchip on the eyeball. The chip stimulates retinal nerve cells, which then send pictures along the optic nerve to the brain. ‘ The implant can’t restore full vision,’ says coinventor John Wyatt, PhD, an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ‘ but our goal is to provide enough that a patient can walk down a familiar street without a cane or a guide dog.’ He’s aiming for FDA approval within three years.”


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