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“Unfortunately, in our otherwise wonderful desert environment, dry eyes are a real source of pain and discomfort for our patients due to the nature of living in such a dry, arid climate” states Las Vegas ophthalmologist Timothy Perozek, MD. Don’t underestimate the importance of fish oils and flax seed oils. Besides being good for the rest of your body, these oils are fantastic for the eyes. They are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and help increase the quality of your tear film. There are now prescription Omega 3 fatty acid pills available through your ophthalmologist which are FDA guaranteed for potency and regulation.  You can see your eye doctor to get a prescription that you fill at your pharmacy and it is covered by insurance–which ends up being a better quality vitamin supplement than you would get over the counter. With most insurance coverage it ends up costing less to get the better Rx strength than over-the-counter. Taking fish oils and flax seed oils daily will decrease discomfort, dry, irritated, and bothersome eyes if taken faithfully for several weeks. “Some improvement should be noted” adds Summerlin eye doctor, Dr. Perozek.